19 March 2014

The Stella Prize Shortlist Book Club, in partnership with Kill Your Darlings

We’re thrilled to announce that the Stella Prize, in partnership with Kill Your Darlings, will be running an online Stella Prize Shortlist Book Club this year.

Set yourself a personal reading challenge, or get your friends or your book club to join in! We’ll be reading one book a week for six weeks, kicking off at 8.00 pm AEDT on Monday 24 March.

Book clubs will take place on Twitter, with discussion of the books led by the Stella Prize (@thestellaprize) and Kill Your Darlings (@kyd_journal) from 8.00 till 9.00 pm using the #stella2014 hashtag.

You don’t have to join in every week – just swing by if you’ve read the week’s allocated book and feel like a chat.

Interested? Here’s how to take part:

  1. If you don’t already have a Twitter account, get one!
  2. Follow the Stella Prize (@thestellaprize) and Kill Your Darlings (@kyd_journal).
  3. Read the 2014 Stella Prize shortlist (NB: we’ll be discussing the shortlisted books in order of author’s surname, so Burial Rites by Hannah Kent is up first).
  4. Check out the background info on each of the 2014 shortlisted titles available here on the Stella Prize website.
  5. Meet on Twitter at 8.00 pm AEDT each Monday, from Monday 24 March through to Monday 28 April.
  6. Join in the discussion using the #stella2014 hashtag.
  7. Consider throwing your own Stella Prize award night party on the evening of Tuesday 29 April, and follow the announcement live on Twitter from 6.00 pm AEDT.
  8. Happy reading!

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