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17 April 2015

13/7/15: Stella’s Work: Why Women’s Writing Matters

Does a writer’s gender impact on their writing and how does it affect responses to their work? Emily Bitto, winner of the 2015 Stella Prize for The Strays, along with shortlisted author Maxine Beneba Clarke (Foreign Soil), will discuss the ways we approach works by male and female writers with Louise Swinn, publisher, reviewer and Chair of the Stella Prize.

15 April 2015

18/7/15: Stella @ New Voices Festival

As part of Eltham Bookshop’s 10th Annual New Voices Festival, 2015 Stella Prize winner Emily Bitto and Stella shortlisted author Sofie Laguna will be in conversation with Aviva Tuffield.

15 June 2015

Watch the Stella Prize video

The new Stella video features Clare Wright, Emily Bitto, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Sofie Laguna, and Aviva Tuffield.

11 May 2015

Stella Count volunteer wanted

The Stella Prize is looking for a Melbourne-based volunteer to assist with the completion of the 2014 Stella Count, helping to compile data on gender representation in each of the major newspapers and review publications.