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27 July 2016

Women’s Bodies in Speculative Fiction

For her fourth Stella Schools Blog guest post, writer and reviewer Danielle Binks speaks with YA authors about the representation of women characters in fantasy YA, and how they approach the issue in their own work.

21 July 2016

27/8/16: Winning Women @ MWF

Baileys Prize Winner Eimear McBride (A Girl is a Half-formed Thing) and 2016 Stella Prize winner Charlotte Wood (The Natural Way of Things) will join Stella’s Executive Director Aviva Tuffield this year at the Melbourne Writers Festival in a conversation about literary prizes and the women who win them.

7 June 2016

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

In the lead-up to Girls Write Up, we asked some of our speakers to look back on their teenage years and share a piece of advice that they would give to their 16-year-old selves if they could. Their responses are funny, honest and full of fascinating personal insights. They also prove that while growing up can be pretty tough, it can also be an empowering time, a time to find your voice and learn to trust it.

4 June 2016

29/8/16: Stories for Everyone @ MWF Schools Program

Join Stella Schools Ambassadors Leanne Hall, Rebecca Lim and Stella Schools Program Coordinator, Bec Kavanagh, as they discuss identity and representation, and why diversity is important in the stories we read.