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31 August 2015

Stella Schools Interview: Emily Maguire

The Stella Prize interviews Emily Maguire, the award-winning author of Your Skirt’s Too Short: Sex, Power, Choice and a Stella Prize Schools Program ambassador.

24 August 2015

If Maxine Ruled the Wild Things

Stella Prize Schools Program Coordinator Bec Kavanagh looks at how the gender of the picture book characters we grow up with can shape the future we imagine for ourselves.

28 July 2015

#LoveOzYa and the Stella Prize Schools Program

The Stella Prize Schools Program is all about the inclusion of voices, not the exclusion of any. Danielle Binks discusses how this aim fits with a new movement happening in Australian literature: #LoveOzYA.

14 July 2015

18/7/15: Stella @ New Voices Festival

As part of Eltham Bookshop’s 10th Annual New Voices Festival, 2015 Stella Prize winner Emily Bitto and Stella shortlisted author Sofie Laguna will be in conversation with Veronica Sullivan.