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5 April 2016

21/6/16: Stella @ EWF – Let’s Talk About Literary Awards

A panel of literary prize managers, including Stella co-founder and executive director, Aviva Tuffield, discusses literary awards: why are they important, how do you win one, what happens next, what do the judges really think, and are there too many?

18 May 2016

Stella Schools Interview: Zoya Patel

The Stella Prize chats with Schools Ambassador Zoya Patel, the founder/editor of online feminist journal Feminartsy, and the former Editor-In-Chief of Lip Magazine.

3 May 2016

Sex in YA

In her latest Stella Schools Blog guest post, writer and reviewer Danielle Binks discusses sex and taboos in YA. How far have we come since the release of Judy Blume’s Forever in 1975?

The Stella Prize is a major literary award that celebrates Australian women’s writing and an organisation that champions cultural change


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