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23 March 2017

For Her

Emerging writer Sanna Wei responds to the provocation ‘No One Way To Be Asian In Australia’ with a story of family, love and hard choices.

20 March 2017

The Stella Interview: Maxine Beneba Clarke on The Hate Race

Maxine Beneba Clarke is shortlisted for the 2017 Stella Prize for her memoir The Hate Race. In this special Stella interview, Maxine shares some thoughts about the process of memoir-writing, the pull of the poetic form, and what it’s really like to write while female.

16 March 2017

I’m Not Like You

Comics artist and illustrator Rachel Ang responds to the provocation “No One Way To Be Asian In Australia” with a comic about racism, relationships and awakenings.

13 March 2017

A Tribute to Georgia Blain and Between a Wolf and a Dog

Georgia Blain‘s final novel, Between a Wolf and a Dog, was published in 2016 and shortlisted for the 2017 Stella Prize. To honour her shortlisting and celebrate the novel, Georgia’s friend and fellow writer Tegan Bennett Daylight shares a reflection.

2 February 2017

23/2/17: Provocations: No One Way To Be Asian In Australia

What is the danger in presenting a single story of a culture or group of people? How can we push back against cultural stereotypes and generalisations of what it means to grow up Asian in Australia?

Featuring Rebecca Lim, Alice Pung and Leanne Hall, ‘No One Way to be Asian in Australia’ will address the need for diversity rather than tokenism if we are to truly understand the experiences of those around us.