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2 February 2017

Girls Write Up 2016: Clementine Ford & Stella Schools Manager Bec Kavanagh

Stella Schools Manager Bec Kavanagh talks about the Stella Schools Program and the inaugural Girls Write Up in 2016, and we hear from feminist writer Clementine Ford in her opening address at Girls Write Up in Melbourne, urging the audience to speak up, write up, and be brave.

Clementine is a feminist who writes a twice-weekly column for Fairfax’s Daily Life. She is a frequent guest on ABC 774, a semi-frequent guest at The Drum and has also appeared on Channel Nine’s Mornings and ABC’s Q&A. Clementine enjoys wine, cheese and the collected works of Connie Britton. Her first book, Fight Like a Girl, was released in October 2016.

Girls Write Up is a gender-inclusive, intersectional, daylong wordfest for teens that teaches empowerment through writing and sharing stories. Find out more about the Stella Schools Program at and Girls Write Up at

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2 thoughts on “Girls Write Up 2016: Clementine Ford & Stella Schools Manager Bec Kavanagh”

  1. Hi Ruth, you are so right! That bio was copied and pasted from elsewhere and has been corrected now. Thank you for pointing it out.

  2. I hope the Stella school people are not calling Clementine Ford’s book Fight Like a Girl a novel, as they have above. It is non-fiction. I’m exasperated by creative writing students who don’t seem to know the difference and call all books “novels” or, even worse, “fiction novels”. The Stella School Program could do its bit in educating them.

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