Girls Write Up

Girls Write Up is a daylong festival for teens aged 12–18 that teaches empowerment through writing and sharing stories.

Girls Write Up is an all-day festival for teens aged 12–18.

Girls Write Up’s unique, innovative program of talks, interactive panels and practical workshops explores the relationships between language, gender and power. It elevates voices and stories that have historically been devalued or marginalised, and gives all participants the opportunity to discover their own creative voice, equipping them with the skills and the confidence to use it.

Over the course of the day, authors, journalists, artists, poets and other creative thinkers and emerging leaders share how they use writing to define their identities and shape the world around them.

Girls Write Up is for anyone who has felt limited by their gender and wants to understand how language can be used to liberate and empower.

The Stella Schools Program thanks all of our 2017 Girls Write Up partners.