The Stella Intensives are a week-long program for schools, launching in 2017. The Intensives will engage a single group of up to 20 students with 3 x 60 minute sessions per day over one school week. The students will explore the themes of language, gender and power, and look at the way they can use writing to explore and change gender stereotyping with a visiting writer.

Stella is launching the Intensives in 2017 as one-off events in six regional and low socio-economic schools across Victoria. We are working towards making the Intensives a core activity for Stella, as a way of evaluating social change regarding gender stereotypes in schools.

Over the course of the week, the students will work on a tangible project that engages with these ideas, and be given the opportunity to share their work with the wider school community in some way. The group of students will be equipped with the skills and confidence to start important conversations about these issues in their wider school communities.

For more information, please contact us.

We thank the Victorian Government for their support of the Intensives pilot program.