Stella Sparks 2017 Diary and Book Giveaway


In 2017, the Stella Sparks campaign invites all readers to show their support for Australian women’s nonfiction writing by sharing your nonfiction #StellaSpark and making a donation to the Stella Prize.

Once you’ve become a Stella Spark and made a donation of $100 or more ($50 concession) to the Stella Prize, you will receive a Stella goodie bag with several gifts to thank you for supporting Australian women’s writing.

Stella Spark donors receive a copy of the 2017 Pilot Writer’s Diary, a collection of nonfiction writing showcasing Australian women writers (options listed below), and a stylish Stella tote bag, postcard and bookmark!*

Pilot: A Diary For Writers

All Stella Spark donors receive a copy of the Pilot Diary for Writers. Pilot 2017 has over 200 pages of writerly wisdom and motivation and is bursting with features especially for writers.

With quotes and advice from many in the Stella family – including Stella Ambassador Anna Funder, 2017 Judge Ben Law, 2016 Judge and 2015 Longlistee Alice Pung, and 2015 Longlistee Inga Simpson – the Pilot Writer’s Diary is a must-have for a Stella(r) year!

There’s top advice from industry professionals, tips on getting published, plus fifty-two brand new writing prompts to get you started. For the practical creative there are more than 150 Australian writing competitions, festivals and awards PLUS tips on manuscript layout, submission, grammar, punctuation, editing and style, and an A–Z of essential Australian resources for writers.

Stella Sparks Giveaway Books

Stella Spark donors can choose one of the following great books of nonfiction by Australian women, which will be included in their goodie bag!

Better Than Sex: Women Write about Sex and Romance in the Digital Age

Edited by Samantha Trenoweth (Hardie Grant)

In an age that mashes internet porn with Tinder and arranged marriage, in an age in which everything (sexuality, gender, consent) seems fluid, what does the landscape of love look like, really? And how are the seismic jolts in the ways we negotiate sex and romance affecting women?

In the third book in Samantha Trenoweth’s series of essays by contemporary women, contributors ask whether the Tinderverse has killed romance; are women, who are increasingly powerful in all sorts of areas of their lives, more or less empowered in their personal relationships than they were a decade ago; and do women actually have more choices or fewer?

Destroying the Joint: Why Women Have to Change the World (no longer available)

Edited by Jane Caro (UQP)

A fabulously provocative collection by women ready to destroy the joint. In 2012, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said a society needs the political participation of women to reach its full potential. Commentator Allan Jones reacted to this by saying: ‘Women are destroying the joint . . . Honestly.’ People around the country responded with passion, disbelief and hilarity.

In Destroying the Joint: Why Women Have to Change the World, Australian women reply to Jones’s comment and the broader issues of sexism and misogyny in our culture.

Doing It: Women Tell the Truth about Great Sex (no longer available)

Edited by Karen Pickering (UQP)

Women love sex. So why do we have such a difficult time accepting them as sexual creatures? Edited by renowned feminist Karen Pickering, Doing It celebrates women taking control of their sexual lives, with some brilliant writing on intimacy, physicality, gender and power. These stories encourage honest discussions about sex and remind us of simple truths: women’s bodies are their own, everybody’s idea of good sex is different, and loving sex is nothing to be ashamed of.
Featuring some of Australia’s most engaging voices, and some international stars, this exceptional collection combines the serious, the hilarious, the satirical, the personal, the political, and the downright sexy.

Fury: Women Write about Sex, Power and Violence

Edited by Samantha Trenoweth (Hardie Grant)

In Australia violence against women is a silent epidemic. By the age of 15 almost 20% of women have experienced sexual violence and more than one in three have experienced physical violence. One woman dies every week due to domestic violence in Australia. Violence against women is the leading contributor to death, disability and illness in women aged 15 to 44.

In this collection, some of Australia’s best women writers stare straight into the face of the monster and plot its defeat. Violence against women is a serious issue, but Fury is not a dry, academic tome. From personal perspectives to political perspectives to indigenous perspectives, this is a book of engaging, impassioned and intelligent narratives, perfect for a general readership.

Just Between Us: Australian Writers Tell the Truth about Female Friendship

Edited by Natalie Kon-yu, Maya Linden, Christie Nieman, Maggie Scott and Miriam Sved (Pan Macmillan)

In Just Between Us, a host of Australia’s best-loved female writers bare all on this age-old quandary: Are female friendships all-natural and nurturing? Or are some more damaging than delightful? And most of all, what happens when female relationships go off the rails? And who is to blame? While falling in and out of romantic love is a well-documented experience, losing a friend rarely gets discussed. Which doesn’t mean the pain is less – quite the opposite, as we discover in this extraordinary collection of heartfelt fiction and nonfiction works that put female friendship in the spotlight.

Mothers and Others: Australian Writers on Why Not All Women Are Mothers and Not All Mothers Are the Same

Edited by Natalie Kon-yu, Maya Linden, Christie Nieman, Maggie Scott and Miriam Sved (Pan Macmillan)

In this collection of fiction and nonfiction stories, Australian women reflect on motherhood: how it should be and how it really is. Their stories tackle everything from the decision not to have children to the so-called war between working and stay-at-home mums. Including special contributions by Rosie Batty and Deborra-Lee Furness, the stories explore every topic from infertility and IVF, to step-parenting and adoption, to miscarriage and breastfeeding, child meltdowns and marriage breakdowns, as well as giving a much-needed voice to those who won’t ever be called ‘Mum’.

Purple Prose

Edited by Liz Byrski and Rachel Robertson (Fremantle Press)

Purple Prose introduces fifteen new works of nonfiction by Australian women writers, each responding to the colour purple. In their hands, purple takes on many meanings. From a story about King George’s coronation gown to pigeon fanciers and the Dockers’ Purple Haze, this is a book for readers everywhere.



She’s Having a Laugh

(Affirm Press)

In She’s Having a Laugh, 25 of the funniest women in Australia write about life, love and laughter. Their stories are irreverent, intimate and – most of all – often hilarious. They reflect on why they became comedians, celebrate the funny women in their own lives, explore what’s different about the female funny bone, and take a look at the power of laughter for us all.


Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Women of Letters

Edited by Michaela McGuire and Marieke Hardy (Penguin)


The beautiful art of letter writing is still the best way to connect, to express a thought or a feeling. In this all-new anthology, Australia’s queens of correspondence Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire have engaged our finest, sharpest minds to pen missives of courage and humour and wisdom. Collected from the hugely popular live Women of Letters salons, Signed, Sealed, Delivered gives an entertaining and heartfelt insight into some of our brightest Australian stars.

Women & Power

(Griffith Review)

In a generation, women have taken control of their economic fate, risen to the most powerful political positions in the land and climbed to the top of the corporate ladder.

However, there still remains vast inequality between men and women across all measures, from economics to opportunity to security. Does access to power equate to actual power?

In Women & Power, Griffith Review explores the changing relationship between women and power in public and private spheres, here and abroad.

* Please note: Stella goodie bags can only be posted within Australia, and limited copies of each book are available.