The Stella Forever Fund is an initiative to secure the Stella Prize for generations of women writers to come.

The aim of the Fund is to raise $3 million over ten years to generate prize money for the Stella Prize in perpetuity.

The endowment of the prize money in the Stella Forever Fund, and the separation of that campaign from general fundraising for Stella’s operational and core program needs, will ensure that the prize becomes a lasting legacy for writers, readers and donors alike.

Stella Forever Donors
Paula McLean
Ellen Koshland
Estate of Beverley Shelton and her late husband Martin Schönthal
Eve Mahlab
Joanna Baevski
Diane Balnaves
Margie Seale
Este Darin-Cooper
Jennifer Darin
Justice Michelle Gordon
Alexandra Grimwade

To donate to the Stella Forever Fund or to request more detailed information about its policies, donation timeframes and investment strategies, please contact Stella Prize Executive Director and Co-Founder Aviva Tuffield at