5 June 2014

Help Make Stella Forever

In just our second year, the Stella Prize has become a much-loved fixture on Australia’s literary landscape. Thank you for your role in this. Today, you’re part of a large and lively community of Stellas connected by a shared love of literature and belief in an Australian culture infinitely improved by the due recognition – and celebration – of women’s voices and stories.

The way that the Stella Prize has been embraced affirms our existence and signals a bright future ahead. Our task now is to secure that future.

To make sure Stella is here to stay, we need financial support. It’s as simple as that. At present, we have funds for two more years. We’re launching a major fundraising campaign, Stella Forever, to ensure the Prize continues in perpetuity and that Stella remains a force for good, forever.

Can you help?

You can support women writers, Australian readers, and the emergence of a more inclusive, representative Australian culture by contributing to Stella ForeverPlease donate today. It’s tax-deductible, and every dollar makes a difference.


A word about supporter recognition

As part of Stella Forever, we’ve reviewed our donor categories, and some of you will find you’ve moved up in the world – from ‘Fan’ to ‘Friend’ or ‘Hero’ to ‘Star’. Nobody has moved down, and a lucky few monthly givers have even leapfrogged two categories. If you’re already a financial supporter and your status has changed, we’ll be writing soon to confirm this.

Stella Forever invites donations for the following categories:

Stella Forever Patron: $100,000 or more*
Stella Star: $50,000 to $99,999*
Stella Hero: $10,000 to $49,999*
Stella Champion: $1,000 to $9,999*
Stella Friend: $500 to $999
Stella Fan: up to $499

*payable as a lump sum or in up to three annual instalments

The Stella Prize hopes to attract a large, representative supporter base. Every single donation is important to us and helps to secure our future.

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