Funding Sources, Sponsorship and Partnerships Policy

Stella’s greatest asset is its diverse community that holds high levels of trust and goodwill towards the organisation. Stella applies the following principles to minimise the risk of inadvertently entering funding partnerships or relationships that could be publicly embarrassing, internally divisive and counterproductive to our goals. They are applied when evaluating a variety of relationships, including giving or receiving financial or in-kind contributions, co-sponsoring events, programmatic activities; collaborating or partnering in research, publications and similar projects; and permitting the use of our name or endorsement in cause-related marketing or similar agreements.

We only work with individuals or organisations who:

1. We are proud to be publicly associated with

2. Have values that are consistent with our values

3. Have ethical and business practices that align with our ethics and operational practices and those of our community

4. Engage in relationships with Stella that allow us to maintain our reputation for independence, integrity, credibility, social responsibility and accountability

In selecting and assessing potential sponsors, Stella carefully considers the reputation of the proposed partner, the partner’s goals, the subject area of the relationship, the partner’s role and the potential positive and negative consequences of the relationship.