August 2020

Announcing the Write Up Digital Workshop Series

Free online workshops for secondary school students — presented by writers, artists and editors.

January 2020

Announcing Write Up Melbourne 2020

To be held at Melbourne Museum on Wednesday 25 March, Write Up Melbourne will feature presentations, panels and hands-on workshops by a range of inspiring writers.

August 2019

Interview with Stella Schools Manager Lenny Robinson

"I really do believe that it is through literature that our vision is enlarged and our circle of empathy is expanded."

May 2018

Advice to My Teenage Self – Melbourne

In the lead-up to Girls Write Up Melbourne, we asked some of the festival artists to tell us what advice they would give to their teenage selves.

April 2018

Advice to My Teenage Self

In the lead-up to Girls Write Up Brisbane, we asked some of the festival artists to tell us what advice they would give to their teenage selves.

November 2017

Read Up: Books to empower young people

Read Up is about reading towards empowerment. It is a map for young people aged 15–24 to help guide their thinking about things that matter: sexuality, relationships, gender, minds and bodies, and diverse cultures.

November 2017

Write Up

Write Up delivers specifically designed programs for small groups of young people who are currently outside of the traditional education system. These unique residential events seek to foster confidence and a sense of belonging, and to equip participants with the skills and self-belief to share their own stories.

July 2017

Talking Back!

To complement Girls Write Up this year, the Stella Schools Program has introduced an online zine, Talking Back!

May 2017

27/05/2017: Stella Sparks: Women Writers on Influence and Inspiration

Writers from different generations and communities share their experiences as both givers and recipients of the support, advice and wisdom shaping their craft and creativity. Chaired by Abigail Ulman, and featuring Hannah Kent, Sandra Phillips and the 2017 Stella Prize winner, Heather Rose.

May 2017

27/05/2017: Defying Expectations @ SWF

It's hard to believe that award-winning authors J.C. Burke, Amie Kaufman and Mariko Tamaki still have to battle stereotypes in their books and their careers. Join these authors as they look at the future of women in YA literature.

April 2017

Good Asian / Bad Asian

Writer Shu-Ling Chua reflects on sex, rules, and respect in her response to the provocation No One Way To Be Asian in Australia.

March 2017

For Her

Emerging writer Sanna Wei responds to the provocation 'No One Way To Be Asian In Australia' with a story of family, love and hard choices.

March 2017

I’m Not Like You

Comics artist and illustrator Rachel Ang responds to the provocation "No One Way To Be Asian In Australia" with a comic about racism, relationships and awakenings.

February 2017

23/2/17: Provocations: No One Way To Be Asian In Australia

What is the danger in presenting a single story of a culture or group of people? How can we push back against cultural stereotypes and generalisations of what it means to grow up Asian in Australia? Featuring Rebecca Lim, Alice Pung and Leanne Hall, ‘No One Way to be Asian in Australia’ will address the need for diversity rather than tokenism if we are to truly understand the experiences of those around us.

February 2017

25/2/17: Body Language @ Perth Writers Festival

At this special schools event, writers Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa, Alison Whittaker and Holly Throsby will each present a piece of new writing that empowers women’s bodies.

November 2016

Pushback: Further Reading and Resources

Our Pushback blog series offers a space for alternative voices that reject bigotry, fear and Islamophobia in Australia. Now, we’ve compiled a list of resources and further reading to encourage deeper consideration and greater understanding of the complex intersections between faith, identity and feminism.

October 2016

Unsettling Freedom

In the final instalment of our blog series Pushback: Writers Respond to Bigotry, Hannah Donnelly unpacks the denial of colonialism in Australian culture and explores pathways to meaningful solidarity.

October 2016

Writing the Wrongs of Stereotypes

In the latest instalment of our blog series Pushback: Writers Respond to Bigotry, Stella Schools Ambassador Sarah Ayoub argues that our ability to see one another clearly is restricted by stereotypes – and that Australian young adult fiction is fighting back, providing more diverse stories for a new generation.

October 2016

Someone Else’s Shoes

As part of our blog series Pushback: Writers Respond to Bigotry, Demet Divaroren argues that storytelling is an exploration of what makes us human, and that words have the capacity to shatter stereotypes.

September 2016

Resisting Radical Ignorance

Stella Schools Ambassador Rebecca Lim kicks off our new blog series Pushback: Writers Respond to Bigotry with a call for all Australians to resist radical ignorance.

September 2016

Trixie Belden and the Tiger Parents: Rebecca Lim reimagines Trixie Belden

To give an idea of how 'exotic' some of her childhood reading seemed, Stella Schools Ambassador Rebecca Lim re-imagines her favourite childhood heroine, Trixie Belden, as a Chinese migrant kid with traditional 'tiger' parents.

September 2016

Stories For Everyone: A round-up of diverse YA recommendations from Rebecca Lim and Leanne Hall

In this recap of our recent Melbourne Writers Festival schools event, Stories for Everyone, Stella Schools Ambassadors Leanne Hall and Rebecca Lim share their favourite diverse YA book recommendations.

July 2016

Women’s Bodies in Speculative Fiction

For her fourth Stella Schools Blog guest post, writer and reviewer Danielle Binks speaks with YA authors about the representation of women characters in fantasy YA, and how they approach the issue in their own work.

July 2016

Randa Abdel-Fattah discusses When Michael Met Mina

Stella Schools Ambassador Randa Abdel-Fattah discusses her new YA novel, When Michael Met Mina.

June 2016

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

In the lead-up to Girls Write Up, we asked some of our speakers to look back on their teenage years and share a piece of advice that they wish they could give to their 16-year-old selves.

June 2016

29/8/16: Stories for Everyone @ MWF Schools Program

Join Stella Schools Ambassadors Leanne Hall, Rebecca Lim and Stella Schools Program Coordinator, Bec Kavanagh, as they discuss identity and representation, and why diversity is important in the stories we read.

May 2016

Stella Schools Interview: Steph Bowe

The Stella Prize chats to Schools Ambassador Steph Bowe, author of YA novels Girl Saves Boy and All This Could End.

May 2016

Stella Schools Interview: Zoya Patel

The Stella Prize chats with Schools Ambassador Zoya Patel, the founder/editor of online feminist journal Feminartsy, and the former Editor-In-Chief of Lip Magazine.

May 2016

Sex in YA

In her latest Stella Schools Blog guest post, writer and reviewer Danielle Binks discusses sex and taboos in YA. How far have we come since the release of Judy Blume's Forever in 1975?

March 2016

The Victorian Government partners with the Stella Schools Program

Today is International Women's Day, and we have some very exciting news!