Help change Australian culture. By supporting Stella, you are celebrating Australian women writers and supporting gender equality.

Giving the Gift of Stella provides you with a certificate that you can print out and give on its own, or put in a book written by an Australian woman.

All donations over AU$2 are tax deductible.

Give the Gift of Stella


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‘All young people deserve access to books in which they see themselves reflected and which also expand their understanding of the world.’

—Emily Maguire,
author of An Isolated Incident, 2017 Stella Shortlist

‘The Stella Prize Schools Program helps address the gender imbalance in Australian literature studied in Australian schools. I hope that this new generation of students will be able to benefit from Australia’s women writers – not just because they are “women writers”, but because their work is excellent and usually under‑recognised.’

—Alice Pung,
author of Unpolished Gem and Laurinda

‘[The Stella Prize is] a literary dialogue that allows us to have greater knowledge and understanding of each other, and acceptance of difference, and respect for each other in our diversity…’

—Alexis Wright,
author of Tracker, winner of the 2018 Stella Prize

All donation tiers receive the following:
  • Printable certificate of your Gift (a perfect holiday present!)
  • Tax deductible donation receipt
  • The satisfaction of supporting the Stella Prize’s work celebrating  Australian women’s writing and championing cultural change

Thank you for supporting the work of Stella:

Thank you for supporting artists to appear on Stella panels.

Thank you for recognising Australian women writers’ contribution to literature.

Thank you for giving Stella writers the most valuable thing of all: time to write.

Thank you for helping Stella to support local booksellers to promote Stella books.