Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander


Tony Birch

CW: family and intimate partner violence

Jesse has sworn to protect his sister, Rachel, no matter what. It’s a promise that cannot be broken. A promise made in blood. But, when it comes to life or death, how can he find the courage to keep it?

Lemons in the Chicken Wire

Alison Whittaker

At times sensual, always potent, Lemons in the Chicken Wire delivers a collage of work that reflects rural identity through a rich medley of techniques and forms. It is an audacious and lyrical poetry collection that possesses a rare edginess and seeks to challenge our imagination beyond the ordinary.

‘Water’, in Heat and Light

Ellen van Neerven

In ‘Water’, a futuristic world is imagined and the fate of a people threatened. Ellen van Neerven’s speculative story challenges our rigid conventional understandings of gender, race, sexuality and identity, and asks ‘just how far have we really come?’

Not Just Black and White

Lesley and Tammy Williams

Lesley Williams was forced to leave her family at a young age to work as a domestic servant. Lesley never saw her wages – they were kept ‘safe’ for her. She was taught not to question her life, until desperation made her start to wonder. So began a nine-year journey for answers.

The Big Black Thing


The Big Black Thing: Chapter 1 is the first issue in a new series of prose and poetry by emerging and established writers from Indigenous, migrant and refugee backgrounds.

Sister Heart

Sally Morgan

A young Aboriginal girl is taken from the north of Australia and sent to an institution in the distant south. There, she slowly makes a new life for herself and, in the face of tragedy, finds strength in new friendships.

Grace Beside Me

Sue McPherson

Fuzzy Mac’s life is mundane and profound: teen rivalry and awkward romance sit alongside the mystery of Nan’s visions and a ghostly encounter. This is her story – and that of the oddballs around her.

Am I Black Enough for You?

Anita Heiss

In this deeply personal memoir, told in her distinctive, wry style, Anita Heiss gives a first-hand account of her experiences as a woman with an Aboriginal mother and Austrian father, and explains the development of her activist consciousness. Read her story and ask: what does it take for someone to be black enough for you?

The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf

Ambelin Kwaymullina

Ashala Wolf has been captured by a man intent on destroying her Tribe of runaway Illegals. With her Sleepwalker ability blocked, Ashala is forced to succumb to a machine that will pull secrets from her mind. Will the Tribe survive her interrogation?

Ruby Moonlight

Ali Cobby Eckermann

It is 1880. Ruby, refugee of a massacre, shelters in the South Australian woods where she befriends an Irish trapper. Her fear of discovery is overcome by her need for human contact, which is ultimately challenged by an Aboriginal lawman

Terra Nullius

Claire Coleman

In the near future, Australia is about to experience colonisation once more. What have we learned from our past? A daring debut novel from the winner of the 2016 black&write! writing fellowship.