mental health

Saving Francesca

Melina Marchetta

Francesca is in Year 11 at a new school. She misses her old friends, and her mother has had a breakdown and can barely move from her bed. Does she have the power to bring her family back together?

Eyes Too Dry

Alice Chipkin & Jessica Tavassoli

CW: depression, suicidal ideation

Meet Tava, a 24-year-old medical student in deep depression. Alice, her friend and housemate, is trying to figure out how to support her. Time unravels, leaving both women bewildered at the emotional landscapes that have opened before them.

So Sad Today

Melissa Broder

CW: anxiety, depression

Melissa Broder is so sad today. How and why did she get so sad? Should she stay sad?

Broder asks herself these questions over and over, turning them into a mesmerising and strangely uplifting reading experience through honesty and a total lack of self-deceit.

How to be Happy

David Burton

CW: suicide, self-harm

A funny, sad and serious memoir, How to Be Happy is David Burton’s story of his turbulent life at high school and beyond. Feeling out of placed and convinced that he is not normal, David has a rocky start. He finds some solace in drama classes with the creation of ‘Crazy Dave’ and builds a life where everything is fine. But everything is not fine. And, at the centre of it all, trying desperately to work it all out, is the real David.