Stolen Generations

Not Just Black and White

Lesley and Tammy Williams

Lesley Williams was forced to leave her family at a young age to work as a domestic servant. Lesley never saw her wages – they were kept ‘safe’ for her. She was taught not to question her life, until desperation made her start to wonder. So began a nine-year journey for answers.

Sister Heart

Sally Morgan

A young Aboriginal girl is taken from the north of Australia and sent to an institution in the distant south. There, she slowly makes a new life for herself and, in the face of tragedy, finds strength in new friendships.

Grace Beside Me

Sue McPherson

Fuzzy Mac’s life is mundane and profound: teen rivalry and awkward romance sit alongside the mystery of Nan’s visions and a ghostly encounter. This is her story – and that of the oddballs around her.