‘The one-week Intensive with Candy Bowers had a tremendous impact on the class of young people who took part. Candy was an incredibly positive influence on the group and did exceptionally well to encourage and allow the students to reflect on and analyse their own lives in the ways that they needed to.’  — Stuart Myers, Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College

Stella Schools Intensives

The Stella Schools Intensives are week-long incursions that spark ideas, stimulate creativity and build self-confidence. Over the course of five days, speakers work closely with a small group of students to nurture their creative skills and voices, and empower them to share their work and ideas with their peers and broader community.

The hosts of the Intensives introduce students to their specialist creative medium — for example, journalism, graphic narratives, spoken word, fiction, memoir or scriptwriting — and explore the ways it can be used to respond to and engage with the wider world, both politically and personally. There will always be a focus on — and an awareness of — the intersections of language, gender and power. Hosts help students develop a piece of work based on their own ideas and passions, either as a collective or as a series of individual works. The work produced is presented to the whole school at the culmination of the Intensive, sometimes through a whole-school newsletter, at an assembly, or via a video or dedicated website.

Stella Schools Intensives demonstrate to students how creative work can be used to inspire social change, while also equipping them with the skills and confidence to begin important conversations about the power of language to shape our identities and the world around us.

Each Intensive runs for five days and consists of 3 x 1-hour sessions per day. The five Intensive days can be taken consecutively (across one full week) or be staggered over several weeks, depending on the needs of the school and availability of the particular speaker. Intensives are capped at twenty students, with the same students attending all five days.

Cost per Intensive is $3000, excluding GST and travel.

Please contact us if you are interested in having a Stella Schools Intensive at your school.

‘The students are feeling so empowered after their week with Alice Pung and have a new-found confidence in their own ability to create ideas in their writing and the impact their words can have.’  — Nicole Jasinowicz, Wodonga Senior Secondary College

Students from Wodonga Senior Secondary College reflect on their weeklong writing intensive with author Alice Pung.

We thank the Victorian Government for their support of the  Stella Intensives.