Stella Sparks is a flexible, student-directed reading and writing program for students of all genders from years 7­–12. The program encourages students to strengthen their own critical and creative voices and provides them with opportunities to explore issues around gender bias by reading and discussing texts by Australian women and non-binary writers. Through Stella Sparks, students can develop the confidence to express their views and become agents for change in their school communities.



Stella Sparks activities include:

  • Reading and discussing contemporary Australian women’s writing
  • Connecting with other Stella Sparks communities throughout the country to share opinions, ideas and creative work through an online forum
  • Participating in advocacy and awareness-raising activities, both within the school and the broader community
  • Working with Stella Schools, regional partners and students from other schools to run a one-day writers and readers festival for their community.


Stella Schools supports Stella Sparks communities by providing:

  • Material resources, including booklists, guidance for implementation, suggested activities and book subsidies for low SES schools
  • An online platform where students can come together in a moderated environment to discuss what the are reading, publish their reviews and creative work and connect with established writers through a writers-in-residence program
  • Connections between schools to facilitate the sharing of ideas and resources
  • Support with the development and production of the community Write Up event
  • Access to diverse Australian women writers


Want to know more?

For more information, or to participate in this program, contact Stella Schools Manager Lenny Robinson at