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27/8/17: The Art of Life @ MWF [BOOKED OUT]

Why is art important to everyday life? At this Melbourne Writers Festival event, Elizabeth Kostova (The Shadow Land) and winner of the 2017 Stella Prize Heather Rose (The Museum of Modern Love) discuss the significance of art in their novels, as well as how the Balkan region informs their work.

29/8/17: Take Three Girls

YA superstars Cath Crowley, Simmone Howell and Fiona Wood explore the magic of female friendships in their new collaboration, Take Three Girls.

29/8/16: Stories for Everyone @ MWF Schools Program

Join Stella Schools Ambassadors Leanne Hall, Rebecca Lim and Stella Schools Program Coordinator, Bec Kavanagh, as they discuss identity and representation, and why diversity is important in the stories we read.

Stella @ MWF 2014

The Stella Prize is thrilled to be holding three events at this year’s Melbourne Writers Festival.

Stella @ MWF: A Year of Stella

Launched at last year’s Festival, the Stella Prize is a major literary prize that celebrates great books by Australian women….

Stella Bookquiz

Please join us for the Stella Bookquiz on August 31, as we celebrate the writing of Australian women, past and…


Join us at a special event being held as a part of the Melbourne Writer’s Festival to introduce and celebrate the Stella…

Stella makes a stir at MWF

Spurred on by the abysmally low showing of women on the literary prize circuit, an 11-strong group of Australian women,…